A perfect gluten free Sunday – Domenica a Santa Severa

Summertime is finally coming in Italy!
Last Sunday I got to the beach near Cerveteri, in the north of Rome: its name is Santa Severa, a nice place with a castle on the sea side.

I went there with some friends of mine to spend a nice day on the beach. We actually arrived too late to enjoy the whole day, but we didn’t mind at all, since we just wanted to relax, eat, and relax as well 😉
First of all, we had a late lunch at the Bagno Oasi Restaurant, which was right on the seafront. As it’s not a gluten free restaurant, I had to explain my gluten free needs and I finally had a sole fish with vegetables.
Then, we spent the afternoon chillin’ out on the beach. It was quite windy, but who cared…
As we needed to respect the main goal of the day (relax, eat etc.), in spite of the fact that we had our lunch late in the afternoon, we also decided to have a dinner.
We went to Il Casale di Montetosto, a gluten free restaurant close to the sea, on the top of the hill near Cerveteri. The place was really nice and cosy: they’re definitely aware of gluten free and coeliac needs, and my friends decided to have a gluten free pizza in spite they didn’t need it.
We had gluten free pumpkin flowers’ dough as starters, and some interesting gluten free pizza as main course.
I was delighted by the courtesy of our host Stefano and…the gluten free sorbetto (lemon water ice)! Which is usually forbidden for coeliac people, due to the industrial factories that make it with gluten. A nice gluten free Sunday.
Guess I’ll be back soon 😉
Have a great week!
Today’s soundtrack: Lou Reed – Perfect day

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