It’s about travelling. It’s about food. It’s about my gluten free life.
Welcome to my blog!

My name is Francesca, I’m an Italian traveller with gluten free passport, currently based in the UK. I love food in spite of my celiac disease.

This website is my own gluten free life journey, and I am happy to share it with anyone who doesn’t want to be put off travelling because of being coeliac or gluten free intolerant.

When doctors told me about my coeliac disease over 10 years ago, it sounded overwhelming at first, as I love food and exploring new places and tastes. What I have discovered so far is that travelling is fine, even if you’re coeliac. It might be tricky sometimes, and that’s why knowledge is key.

So, as long as sharing my learning experience on the go will help someone else out there, this blog will have sense to me.

Get stuck with me!
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Queste pagine raccolgono le mie avventure di viaggio in italia e nel mondo. Tutto senza glutine, come la mia vita.

Da tempo cercavo su web un posto che raccogliesse tutti i luoghi in cui trovare accoglienza gluten free. Non un elenco, ma una mappa delle esperienze, da poter integrare.

Alla fine l’ho creato io. E lo condivido, perché viaggiare non deve essere un problema per i celiaci!

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