Back to NYC during the snowstorm – Di ritorno a New York con Hercules

On January, the 3rd – 2014

This is what I saw from my window today. It’s too cold today…the wheater forecast told the snowstorm (called “Hercules”) is over NYC and US north-east right now. I’m afraid I’m leaving, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to reach New York.


-12 Celsius, feeling like -20. Something incredible. I had to catch the local subway, commuting in Ciy Hall to reach the Railway station. Everything is covered by the snow, no cars in the street. And so windy! Would the bus come to pick me up?
One more time, this cities are too much…even for the degrees!


The bus finally came (for further information about the bus, please have a look to my previous post), and I could “defrost” myself onboard. Brrrrrr


I finally started the trip in a strange landscape, with not so many people nor car in the street. To be honest, as I was warm inside it was a nice trip, with a very special view as well.


Just arrived in NYC, I needed a hot soup and I had a gluten free one at the Lincoln Center Visitor Center (David Rubenstein Atrium). I took a potato soup, too spicy maybe but nice. I liked it.
Moreover, the Atrium has got a wide space with seats, with free access and free wifi.


Whether you want to get out or not, it was no possible to afford the wheater today. Needed to get back home soon!


Today’s soundtrack: Nuvole e Lenzuola – Negramaro

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