Between snow and sunshine – Tra neve e sole

NY is an unpredictable city, where it’s often difficult to plan anything.

When you decide to spend your day outside, then comes the snow…and you can freeze, thanks to the Atlantic wind. And when you change your plans and decide to visit a (warm) museum, here comes the sun! All in the same city, in the same day, two subway stops far away 🙂


Finally, the whether let me join the Greenwich village, when I had a special gf pizza at Kestè pizzeria. Italian staff, nice place, a really good tasting pizza. Neither in Naples I reached to taste a pizza like this one.


And really close to the pizzeria there is a very famous place for those who have grown in 90′ years with a nice tv sitcom…who can recognize this building?


Although the cold was freezing me, it was possible to see the Brooklyn bridge and the manhattan skyline as well.


Too many buildings, is what I think since my arrival here. But I admit this landscape has something stunning.


My personal success today is coming back home with the whole fingers still sticked to my hands!

Today’s Soundtrack: I’ll be there for you – The Rembrandts

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