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Into the wild: gluten free Freiburg – la Germania selvaggia

Into the wild: gluten free Freiburg – la Germania selvaggia

By on Aug 11, 2014 in Freiburg, Germany, Travel journal | 0 comments

On my first day of holidays, I took a flight taking off definitely too early in the morning, so I spent the rest of the day trying to enjoy my trip in spite of my tiredness. It was not so clever, actually. The flight landed in Basel, which is the international airport for Switzerland, Germany and France. It means that you need to be careful about the exit you take, because if you get off on the Swiss side, you cannot go back and choose the other ones. Fortunately, a friend of mine advices me before my arrival so I could not wrong the exit. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I would. 🙂 If you need to reach Freiburg from Basel airport, the cheapest way is the Airport bus. Timetable and useful infos here. In Freiburg it was a rainy day, but the whether is strange, ’cause I got through almost two different seasons in the same day: cold and rainy at my arrival, then sunny and hot (in the German way, obviously). Since I arrived so early in the morning, I had a second breakfast. A home made smoothie, made with cranberry coming from the close Black Forest, apple and sugar. It reminds me that this town is built right in the middle of the Black Forest. As we’re surrounded from this wild nature, It’s the natural background you can find behind the buildings, in every landscape and glimpse. Hanging out in Freiburg, the feeling is to stay in a quiet and relaxed place between the local University of music and a nice city centre, visited by tourists. Students will come in September. We went to Kartoffelhaus (literally: potatoes’ house) for dinner. A gluten free restaurant very well known for its way to cook potatoes. In their nice rear garden I had Schnitzel with bratkartoffel (chop and potatoes made with speck and onions). I also had a Gluten free beer, definitely better than other beers I’ve tasted in Italy. Very recommended restaurant 🙂 Nel mio primo giorno di ferie ho avuto la brillante idea di prendere un aereo davvero troppo presto la mattina, col risultato che ho passato il resto della giornata cercando di godermi il viaggio nonostante la...

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