Under (and over) the snow – Neve ovunque

On January, the 4th – 2014 In spite of the snowstorm, or because of that, ☺️ it was a nice day to have a look around and have unusual views of the city, visiting some typical places I’ve not been … Continued

Everyday’s life pics in NYC – Vita quotidiana a New York

Since I tasted it, I fell in love: the bagel. Something between a special bread and a sandwich, it’s originally part of the Jewish cuisine. I could taste it in a gluten free version (with cinnamon and raisins) at Tompkins … Continued

Raining cats and dogs – Se piove a dirotto

What could you plan to do on a rainy Sunday if you’re visiting New York for your very first time? Joining a Harlem worship, obviously! Let’s say, it’s quite a cliché seeing lots of tourists throughout Harlem on Sunday morning, … Continued

The world is a village – Tutto il mondo è paese

Senator Hilary Clinton has a slogan: “the world is a village”. Maybe inspired by Marshall McLuhan “global village” concept. But I’m not sure they use it in the same sense. Anyway, no matter where you go, no matter where you … Continued

Getting fat – Prendendo peso

A few days ago I tried to join Bloom’s Deli, but with no chance. Today I reached one of my goals: to have my breakfast with a gluten free pancake (at Bloom’s Deli, as you can figure out). My choice … Continued

Between snow and sunshine – Tra neve e sole

NY is an unpredictable city, where it’s often difficult to plan anything. When you decide to spend your day outside, then comes the snow…and you can freeze, thanks to the Atlantic wind. And when you change your plans and decide … Continued


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