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Gluten free Strasbourg? not on the roll – Strasburgo senza glutine, impresa difficile

Gluten free Strasbourg? not on the roll – Strasburgo senza glutine, impresa difficile

By on Aug 17, 2014 in France, Strasbourg, Travel journal | 2 comments

During my short visit to Germany, I decided to get to France just for a one day trip to Strasbourg. If you want to find a cheap way to visit places around German and France, one of the possibilities is the bus company Meinfernbus. They also have free wifi onboard, if it works…I successfully connected just once. In my gluten free Strasbourg trip the main goal was visiting the city centre and have gluten free galettes (typical salty crêpes). Firstly I went to the cathedral, which is the main attraction of the city centre. After a walk around, we finally had our dinner. Unfortunately I was not on the roll, because we chose a restaurant indicated on the web as a gluten free place, but it wasn’t. Not at all! Just to keep you aware, I went to this place: La Crepe gourmande (11, rue de tonneliers), which I repeat is NOT gluten free. I only could have a simply salad. The shame was that apparently this was the only place to have gluten free galettes in town. Anybody can advice about gluten free places to get good crepes there? I finally found one place to get something to eat and drink: Pur etc. with some gluten free dessert, cakes and salads. They don’t have a wide range of products, but they’re all home made and they seems very yummy. I had a strawberry dessert with fromage (sweet cheese) and a cranberry fondant I liked very much. Close to Pur there is a nice place on the embankment, called Petit-France. Have a look to the photos 😉 Durante il mio breve viaggio in Germania, ho deciso di andare in Francia per visitare Strasburgo. Uno dei modi economici per viaggiare in questi due Paesi é la compagnia di autobus Meinfernbus. Hanno anche wifi a bordo, se funziona…io sono riuscita a utilizzarlo solo una volta. L’obiettivo della giornata é stato visitare il centro e mangiare una buona galette (crêpe salata) senza glutine. Prima di tutto, ho visitato la cattedrale, che é il monumento principale del centro. Dopo una passeggiata in giro, abbiamo cenato. Purtroppo sono stata poco fortunata perché abbiamo scelto un ristorante indicato sul web come senza glutine, ma non...

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