Christmas in NYC – Natale a New York

Due to the jet lag, I started my day very soon in the morning. Trying to have a US breakfast with gluten free pancakes at Bloom’s Deli, but it was closed on Christmas. Unfortunately they didn’t mention it in their website 🙁
So I had a simple tea in another place with a view on the Chrysler building…which was good. Although in a capital and international city, I always need to carry out a gluten free breakfast while travelling!


I had a look around the city centre, toward Central Park from Times Square and Rockefeller centre. It was a very warm day, perfect to hang out all day long: -7 degrees…


Too much tall, too many buildings, too many people: New York is definitely ‘too much’. But it’s fascinating as well!


The only way to afford this cold was walking with a collar-cup of tea, jumping from a coffee house to another.


Finally, I had my (late) lunch at The Counter in Times Square ( 7 Times Square, 41st & Broadway). You can build your own hamburger choosing between a wide selection of meats, toppings, sausages and much more, with a special gluten free menu available. The bread was surprising: mild and soft. About the food & beverages sizes: remember I’m in USA…too much! Anyway, a really good experience.

From this post and from the Rockefeller tree with ice skating, I’d like to wish everybody a merry Christmas.
Soundtrack of the day: Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Frank Sinatra version.


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