Everyday’s life pics in NYC – Vita quotidiana a New York

Since I tasted it, I fell in love: the bagel.
Something between a special bread and a sandwich, it’s originally part of the Jewish cuisine. I could taste it in a gluten free version (with cinnamon and raisins) at Tompkins Square Bagel.


To finish my quick lunch, I also had a raspberry gluten free cookie. They had a lemon version of this cookie as well.


Hanging out through the East Village borough, we found the Bird’s place: Charlie Parker‘s home. In spite of his crazy life, his brilliant and inspiring music is the best gift he gave to us all.


Then, I saw the US firemen in action. Yes, but…it must be difficult doing your hard job if people come to you asking for take a picture together…


Later on, the malls: this time I was in Bloomingdales, a very well known “mid-high cost” chain. Those dummies, with their padded skirts, let me think about Sex and the City series and how fashion this city could be…


By chance, today a new tv program started here in a store related to pastry and cakes. Could you figure out who is the “boss” in this picture?


Finally, in NYC we’re now almost ready for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve countdown. Are you joining Time Square to see the ball falling down?


Today’s soundtrack: Quando – Saint Louis voices version

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