Flight or fight?

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Gluten free flight…or fight? Well, I had a lovely chat with United a few hours ago on Twitter.

In preparation of my long-haul flight to California, I checked my booking to make sure my airline will know I need a gluten free and lactose free meal. Surprisingly, you can only choose between one or the other.

Celiac people often have lactose intolerance too.

Guess what? That’s my case, too.

While getting in touch with my flight carrier to let them know about the double needs I have, I first phoned – but the person couldn’t help, and asked me to call another number. As it is a US phone number, I decided to go for the Twitter route first.

Prepare the popcorn, here is the conversation we had:

Good, they replied. I am pleased I can talk to someone who will understand my concerns. That’s what I thought when I received the notification. But – hang on a minute – what does that mean “on the day”? Sounds like those old-fashion restaurants where a few years ago you tried and phone up in advance to give the heads up, and you were reassured on the phone. But then you ended up with a green salad as the only option for you…

My reply to them arrived straight away:

Sure, my answer has been ironic as I found theirs slightly disappointing. Brace yourself, it gets better:

Okay, so what I get from this is: we cannot guarantee you will have something to eat during your 15 hours flight. You can try and speak to the flight attendants on the day, hoping that they might have a solution (!). Worry not, you can bring your meals from home (!!).

You know what? I will do my best to sleep as much as I can!

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