Getting fat – Prendendo peso

A few days ago I tried to join Bloom’s Deli, but with no chance.

Today I reached one of my goals: to have my breakfast with a gluten free pancake (at Bloom’s Deli, as you can figure out).

My choice was pancake with banana and chocolate chips. It was definitely delicious but, to be honest, I have no idea how people can afford this quantity of calories…this is the easiest way to get fat. For sure, with lots of happiness 😉
The place is nice and cosy, even if the waitress constantly calls you “honey” or “dear”. It doesn’t seem a touristic place, mostly visited by American people.
I couldn’t finish my dish, so I had it take away in a doggy bag (for my breakfast tomorrow!!).

Then, it was time to get into the modern art at the MOMA, with a long round-the-block queue because of the free entrance (remind: free admittance on Fridays all-day long). But the cost saving (0$ vs. 25$) was enough to afford a little bit of cold and await.


One of the most famous and interesting pieces in there was the following one, by Andy Warhol. Does he want to tell us anything about US food habits? Exactly…


Trying to burn calories, we moved during the day between downtown, uptown and Queens…


On the way back home, this is the scene I preferred: musicians playing and catching attention of people passing by the subway station. Great!


Today’s soundtrack: When the saint goes marching in – Louis Armstrong

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