Gluten free San Francisco, day 1

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Still slightly jet-lagged, my first day in San Francisco can only have one landmark to visit: the Golden Gate Bridge.

The most scenic route to get there is the ferry to Sausalito. Take it from the financial district, $12.50 a single way. All worth it: it is a 30 minutes ride through the bay, passing by Alcatraz and looking at the city with its very original shape made of hills, low houses and tall skyscrapers.

Once in Sausalito, the right place to stop by for a gluten free meal is Copita, the Mexican restaurant with 100% gluten free menu. Amazing! Try papas bravas and tacos with carne asada (beef meat) and chicken. A bit pricey, but delicious indeed.

Then, jump on a bus to cross the bridge and get to the Golden Gate Vista Point. If you are in doubt where to get off, do it where you see the bus stopping right in the middle of a highway. Yes, the place with toll gates and everything. Scary? It was to me! No worries, you only have to find your way to a footpath underneath the road, and the Golden Gate bridge will welcome you straight away.

A long walk on the beach towards the city in this glorious weather was another good activity to do on the way back. Do you see a whale down here? That’s the one to raise awareness about the 300.000 tons of plastic that every 9 minutes end up in the ocean. #PassOnPlastic

When we got back into town, we headed another gluten free place called Wholesome. It offers gluten-free, lactose-free, anything-else free with a wide range of cakes, as well as savoury plates. It’s open from 7am to 7pm! Gluten free travelling tip: avoid to get there after 5pm, as the kitchen shuts at that time.

Overall, a bit pricey and you might need to get used to a different food consistency…not too bad though. Especially the chocolate chip cupcake and the sun-dried tomato and goat-less cheese sandwich (although, this is an open sandwich rather than a proper sandwich. Slightly disappointing at first, but very good taste.

That’s it for today, folks.

Are you still curious about my chatty relationship with United airlines? Stay tuned, there are some updates coming up…

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