Hanging out in Philly – A passeggio per Philadelphia

On January, the 2nd – 2014

When you’re guided by a local citizen, hanging out in a city is always a good experience. And you can appreciate a different taste, a different point of view maybe. Even if you cannot see everything you wish.


While visiting the Christ Church, the oldest church in the region, my though went to the concept of history US people have compared to the Italian point of view: a very ancient monument here can have less than 200 years. But they’re able to look after of it and maximise its value through maintenance as well as touristic activities.


Elfreth’s Alley is the most ancient street in town. It seems like an European street – I should say a British one, actually. There is also a small museum opened during weekends, wheater and volunteers permitting…but I had no chance to get in.


Then I went to the Betsy Ross House, the house of the lady who made the American flag first.
Getting on with the previous though, this is the perfect example of how far is the American cultural promotion expertise from the Italian one. A brief story of the lady and the historical context she lived in. Then, a lady dressed up like Betty and talking about her life told me something about the flag. That’s it! 5$ to get in. I should compare this example to some Italian ones, more interesting but less structured about the way to attire tourists.


It was too cold to keep on walking. So it was time to get something warm at the Buddakan Restaurant. Asian cuisine, a giant Buddha in the main hall…although this, it’s an elegant and fashion place in the centre of Philadelphia. They also have a gluten free menu, and it was nice. I took a miso soup to defrost me, then a fried rice with shrimps and tai-basil. Delicious!


Then, we tried to have a walk around the Benjamin Franklyn post office. Not so much to see, to be honest. But inside it was warm!


On the way back home, it started snowing…not a simple snowfall, a snowstorm actually! The one is investing the whole US north-east. And I’m not sure I’ll be able to get back to NYC tomorrow.


Today’s soundtrack: Streets of Philadelphia – Bruce Springsteen

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