Happy New Year’s Eve – Che il 2014 abbia inizio!

Here we are! May I talk about anything else but the New Year’s Eve today? Yeah.
Before getting to midnight, let me mention something about the previous 23hours, actually as much interesting.
-5 wasn’t just part of the new year’s countdown: it was the cold today…that’s why in these days is essential stay indoor as long as possible. In the morning I visited the Public Library. Daily free tours around 11am (for further information, see their website), special exhibitions and more.


What I definitely appreciated is their idea of sharing: they think that any citizen of the world has the right to access knowledge, and nowadays there is no research nor knowledge without internet. So the library has free internet access rooms (with lots of computers available) and consultation rooms with one-to-one research. And it’s all completely for free.

When the lunchtime came, it was time to come back to the Bloom’s Deli. I’ve already tasted a typical pancake, I now had to taste a lunch dish, didn’t I? A classic gluten free cheeseburger, so big that I could eat just a half. I got the other half as a human doggy bag.

Finally, the New Year’s Eve!
Let me suggest a tip, if you’re going to join Times Square in the future.
Basically, you have two options: the first one is to get in the area from early afternoon (around 3pm). You need to wear warm, with something to eat and nothing to drink (because it’s too crowded to find a toilet). You need to afford the NYC weather, which is quite hard. After 3pm (around this time, depending on the crowd), the area is completely closed by hundreds of policemen. And you cannot get in or get out of it!
OR, you have a second option…You can avoid this “survivor path” getting a reservation (you need to do it in the previous days) in one of the restaurants of the neighborhood. We went at Angu’s, between the 44st and the 8th Avenue. But you also have different choices on that street and the streets nearby.
When you get a reservation, the restaurant is used to send you an email confirmation that works as a voucher: you need to print it or show it from your smartphone to the policemen (it’s what I did) and they’ll let you get in the Times Square area. I suggest you to reserve for late night (around 10 or 10.30pm), to finish on time for midnight.
I had a grilled salmon fillet with salad. It’s a classical choice If you’re not in a gluten free restaurant and you want to stay safe. It was ok, apart from the price (the highest price in a restaurant, until now: 70$ party of two, with a small wine, service not included). But we’ve had our dinner seated in a warm place, and 20mins before midnight we get out and join the Times Square countdown.

From my brand new blog, this is my wish for you all: to have a 2014 travelling and spending a good time with friends, family, love. And sharing experiences, because knowledge can make a better world. I strongly believe in it. Happy new year!

Today’s soundtrack: New York New York – Frank Sinatra

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