How to plan 2 (gluten free) exhibitions in Rome

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Springtime is a great season to visit Rome. If you’re planning a week end break, then you cannot lose two great exhibitions in town!

The first one is Andy Warhol’s exhibition. The king of the pop art was definitely a mad guy who reached to represent the mass culture in a very different and inspiring way.  A stunning point of view. Love Warhol! After the visit, I had a lunch close to the Pantheon at Pantharei. This is a place quite nice, but please don’t expect the best lunch ever! It’s basically a tourist place, but if you need to have a quick gluten free dish, they are right in the city centre and they’re authorised by the italian coeliac association. The pasta was ok: I had a Gricia, which is almost an Amatriciana pasta with no tomatoes. Yes, I already know my friends originally from Rome will be disgusted by this explanation (differences about those kind of pasta are more complex than this), but I do beg their pardon. 🙂

The worst thing is that they are not able to do gluten free pizza nor gluten free fried stuffs, which is a shame. The dessert was ok as well (I had a tiramisu).

Then, the World Press Photo exhibition. 

A great surprise! It’s a strong exhibition, because the photos (winners of this annual contest) are related to major issues like violence, disasters, and more. But I do think everyone should visit it, just to have a thought about this mad, mad world.
Then, if you want to have a dinner (or a lunch, depending on your plan) close to this exhibition, please have a look to my previous post: Getting lost in Trastevere.
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