My last day in NYC – Ultimo giorno a New York

On January the 5th – 2014

I’m not used to be sad when something good is going to finish, but…I wish I could stay here more time to join this city. At least, I had a delicious breakfast to face this long day: gluten free cupcakes bought in Trader Joe’s, an organic and healthy food supermarket. Quite cheap as well, compared to other food chains (3.49$ the 4 pieces box).


First, the Harlem worship. A week ago we already attended a worship in Harlem but today we wanted to do it visiting the most well known baptist church of the borough: the Abyssinian Baptist church in NYC.

If you want to join this worship, please remind a few things because they’re no flexible at all…even too much for me!
1. You need to wait in line at least one hour and a half/two hours. Which means that – in spite of cold, snow, rain – you’ll be in the street with no possibilities to get in before or to come later. In a rude way, they’ll tell you to stay in line in party of two. They’ll be also checking your handbags, verifying you don’t have food or beverages.
2. You need to wear properly (no leggings for women!) and do not bring any backpacker with you because of security reasons. Moreover, they don’t have any drop-off service for backpackers or coats.
3. You’ll need to attend the whole worship, with no way to get out before the end (warning: the service it’s about 2 hours). Also impossible to take photos or videos.
Ok, don’t want to scare you but I think the best way to join the service is to find another church or…join the Abyssinian worship on the web! Next service will be held in live streaming at 9am on January the 12 here.
They don’t let anybody take photos or videos inside, so I’m sorry you can just figure our what I attended! To be honest, nor the choir nor the minister were interesting so much to afford the rain, the wind and the long await.

After the scaring experience, although it was raining all the day long we decided to get to the centre. Even the Chrysler building was surrounded by the mist and the clouds!


Here comes one of my favourite tours: the one at the Lincoln Center of Performing Arts. 18$ to visit the complex with a guide who let you get in through the backstage spaces. And if you’re lucky, you could get in during music or ballet rehearsal, which is something really special!


Some pics from this special tour…here you can see the Avery Fisher Hall.


Here the Swarovski candelabras at the Met Opera.


Here the Ballet Theatre from inside. Gorgeous!


Last but not least, a mythological place: the Juilliard school!


But let me say something: this city is full of art, even in the subway. Of course there are lots of people with no talent at all, but sometimes while waiting for the train you can listen or attend to something special.
Here some artists I noticed today.
This guy, playing the drums just with a bucket but having incredible riffs.


A guy playing blues directly on the train (maybe the station gets too crowded!).


A guy dancing almost undressed, very inspired. So cute, in spite of his heels!


On the way back, I went to Upper East Side to get into the gluten free heaven: Pip’s place. It’s a gluten free cakery, so everything made by them is completely free from gluten and wheat! It’s a shame I couldn’t reach them before. Anyway, I taste something I liked a lot (a red velvet cupcake, and a biscuit) and everything seems delicious!


Today’s soundtrack: Fame – the movie soundtrack

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