Raining cats and dogs – Se piove a dirotto

What could you plan to do on a rainy Sunday if you’re visiting New York for your very first time? Joining a Harlem worship, obviously!

Let’s say, it’s quite a clichĂ© seeing lots of tourists throughout Harlem on Sunday morning, trying to get into one of the many churches between the 126st and the 138th. And, if you’re not so skilled about the issue, you could be disappointed because of the crowd. To get in the main church (Abyssinian Baptist Church, on the 138th) you need to wait in line at least 1hour and a half. And you seriously risk to keep outside.

Due to the situation, I preferred to find another church avoiding the queue.

So I finally arrived at Salem, the united Methodist church on the 129th.
It was quite strange getting in with the church almost empty and starting the worship with the church full of tourists.
The minister – a perfect mix between Berry White and a US rapper – was attractive and ironic in his long sermon, although personally I’m not interested in religion. There was a little choir – too little, to be honest – who tried to attract the attention.


At lunchtime, Cafè Eighty Two on the Broadway (Upper West Side). They have a gluten free menu and you can choose between breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner dishes. I’ve chosen a triple decker sandwich with turkey and backed potato. Too healthy for US, too junky for me. But yummy


Ok, man. When they say that it will be a rainy day, it will be raining cats and dogs…this is Times Square under the rain.


Impossible to do anything outside. This is the Empire State Building today…surrounded by the fog!


The last choice was spending our afternoon in Macy’s, waiting to get dry. A useful tip: this mall has free wifi.
Today’s soundtrack: You learn – Alanis Morissette


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