Gluten free Carnival

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Nice gluten free Carnival in Rome: from Friday to Sunday, a funny week-end spent within the local gluten free community! Un piacevole Carnevale romano: da venerdì a domenica, un divertente fine settimana trascorsa all’interno della comunità senza glutine locale! On … Continued

Raining cats and dogs – Se piove a dirotto

What could you plan to do on a rainy Sunday if you’re visiting New York for your very first time? Joining a Harlem worship, obviously! Let’s say, it’s quite a cliché seeing lots of tourists throughout Harlem on Sunday morning, … Continued

The world is a village – Tutto il mondo è paese

Senator Hilary Clinton has a slogan: “the world is a village”. Maybe inspired by Marshall McLuhan “global village” concept. But I’m not sure they use it in the same sense. Anyway, no matter where you go, no matter where you … Continued


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