The world is a village – Tutto il mondo è paese

Senator Hilary Clinton has a slogan: “the world is a village”. Maybe inspired by Marshall McLuhan “global village” concept. But I’m not sure they use it in the same sense. Anyway, no matter where you go, no matter where you come from. Wherever you go, the world is the same.

Today was a long day, hanging out through Chelsea, Chinatown, little Italy and Medison Square Garden borough.


The start was the High Line Park. Guess it’s a very fascinating place in spring/summertime. In winter it’s a little less stunning because of the trees and the plants with no colors.
Anyway, it’s interesting how from “nothing” such an old railway line crossing the west side of manhattan, the city (under the pressure of the local citizens) created a park over the street level.
The same would happen in Italy. Of course.


A nice place, an uncommon path that gives you a different point of view of the city.


Today no specific gluten free venues, trying to “survive” 😉 in a common restaurant. The experience was good at the Tia Pol, a Spanish restaurant with a staff aware about gluten issues who could confirm if the dishes I choose contained gluten or not.


I definitely felt at home when I found out this advertising on my way.
It could be made for Rome (Italy) as well.


Then, I went to a couple of places more similar to a theme park then a borough.



Now I understand if American people come to Italy thinking in clichés (to understand what I mean, please watch the movie Eat, Pray, Love).


No matter where you go, no matter where you come from. Wherever you go, the world is (apparently) the same.

Today’s soundtrack: City – Sara Bareilles

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