Under (and over) the snow – Neve ovunque

On January, the 4th – 2014

In spite of the snowstorm, or because of that, ☺️ it was a nice day to have a look around and have unusual views of the city, visiting some typical places I’ve not been before. I also had my breakfast with this delicious brownie bought in Whole Foods Market, a food retailer located all around NYC (Union Square, in this case).


With enough energy to afford the cold wheater, I finally saw the liberty statue, but just from the seafront in Battery Park (too windy to take the ferry, and I was not so interested in it).


I also had a look to the Wall Street, a street smaller than I figured out! Since it’s Saturday, I found there more visitors and tourists than brokers or investors.


I obviously had to get to Ground Zero. What I really felt is “a virtual hole” between the buildings. Very impressive thinking about the tragedy happened more than 10 years ago in that place, where the buildings are so close to you…and over you. But I didn’t feel like to get in the Memorial Museum.


While moving toward midtown Manhattan, this is what I met: a guy waiting for the train sitting on a chair. In the subway. When you don’t get a seat you can bring it with you from home. He obviously got on the train with the chair but sorry, no photo onboard!


Then, I went up to…the sky! I visited the Empire State Building: a popular touristic skyscraper, but at the same time the best way to get a comprehensive look to the city. And a stunning landscape with the snow.


86 floors up to the sky. Windy (as usual), but nice view!


Because of the cold upstairs, it was time to a soup! I found a gluten free soup at Pret-a-manger, an organic food chain. I’ve known it while I was in London a few months ago and I found it as a good way to have a quick and healthy fast-food. In every store the staff has a allergenic list to check which is the gluten free food you can have.


On the way back, in the subway I found the same band I met a few days ago in another subway station. Amazing!


Today’s soundtrack: Over the rainbow – Judy Garland

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